Gayle simply loves the great outdoors and is passionate about the environment. She would be happy to spend all her weekends hiking in the wilderness or following any trail that would keep her close to nature.

She and her boyfriend Joe sometimes sleep out beneath the stars, by slinging a couple of hammocks between a pair of sturdy trees. That way no-one will ever know where they have been because there is never any trace of their overnight camp when they packed up and leave.

Gayle’s enthusiasm means that she loves sharing things she has seen on her hiking trips, but photos taken on her phone have been disappointing in quality. Joe keeps a blog, where he regularly writes about his wilderness experiences, but without any photos, Gayle thinks his blog does not get the attention it deserves. “Sometimes,” she has told him, “words are not enough.”

Last December Gayle showed Joe a Nikon D7200 review and asked if he thought it would be a suitable camera to use in the great outdoors, so they could post photos online of wild places they had been and wildlife they had seen.

Joe wondered if an SLR digital camera would be too complex for a beginner, but then Gayle told him that when she was in her teens she often used her dad’s old SLR camera, so she could easily learn how to use a Nikon D7200.

Nikon D7200 review

When Christmas came Gayle was hopeful of getting the camera she wanted and was full of expectation when Joe handed her a gift-wrapped box. She was therefore disappointed to find that he had given her a very different type of gift than the one she was expecting. The box contained a stainless steel thermal jug to keep her morning coffee hot outdoors.

Then it was Joe’s turn to open his gift from Gayle. He too looked disappointed when he held up the new flashlight she had given him. When they had finished opening all their Christmas gifts, Joe asked Gayle if she had anything else for him. She asked what that might be and he answered: “That digital camera you were so keen for me to have”.

“Don’t you mean the camera that I wanted?” Gayle said and they both broke out laughing. Joe had assumed that Gayle showed him the camera review because she was planning to buy it for him as a Christmas gift and she, of course, had hoped he would take the hint and buy it for her!

In the end, Joe and Gayle purchased their new camera together, sharing the cost. It now goes with them as part of their hiking and camping equipment, and Gayle is posting some stunning photos on Joe’s blog.