The Netgear R6300 is a WiFi Router that has been rated as the best router that can support the new 802.11ac standard. It is an exceptionally good router and it looks very different from the typical Netgear brand. The router is bulky as compared to other routers. However, it has a broad face that usually reclines back on it base while most Netgear brands stand straight up while presenting a narrow profile.

They all have internal antennas and all the Routers from this brand cannot be wall-mounted. It has a glossy black plastic enclosure that is a fingerprint magnet. You should avoid this once the router is set up. The Netgear R6300 is a concurrent dual-band 902.11n and 802.11ac model. This basically means it can deliver three spatial streams on the 2.4GHz frequency band.

It has the highest theoretical throughput of about 450 megabits per second. It has another three spatial stream with a maximum hypothetical throughput of about 1.3 gigabits per second on the 5GHz frequency band.

This is not just a media bridge because it is recommended to purchase two R6300 routers and then just configure one as a wireless bridge. The R6300 has two USB 2.0 ports so as to support sharing the network attached USB storage device as well as the USB printer at the same time.

It also has a robust home network management program that is called Netgear Genie. This program is available on mobile, desktops and other Web versions. On the storage front, the router has a perfect performance. The router has a DLNA-certified media server, parental controls, the built-in Samba as well as the FTP servers.

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The parental controls are through the OpenDNS similar to the D-Link DIR 865L. The R6300 provides the guest network on both bands. In the current market, the R6300 review rates it as one of the best routers. It is relatively fast compared to other routers. You can also install Netgear’s Genie app on any smartphone.

This will help you easily monitor as well as manage your network. The router increased the rate to 5GHz which was a doubling factor from 120Mbps to 240Mbps. This also increased the speed from 8MB/s to about 25MB/s.

There are not many changes on the outside look of the router but there are performance enhancements. It has great performance as well as great range. On the downside, the router is bulky because even the power adapter is unnecessarily big. It is very similar to the power cord that most desktops use.

The design, as well as its setup, are very different from the previous versions of the Netgear routers. It does resemble the shallow CRT monitor. It has an internal antenna design. At the back of the router, there is one WAN port and four LAN ports. All these ports are Gigabit Ethernet which is a very good thing.

This means having a guarantee of a fast wired network. At the back, the Netgear R6300 also has a power button as well as a reset button. On the overall, this router is very modern and works better than other routers.

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Netgear R6300 REVIEW

Nowadays, almost all people are looking for the best wireless networks in the workplace and at their home. If you are one of many looking for the best wireless network, The Netgear R6300 can be perfect for you.

The Netgear R6300 is a wireless router that includes 5G, Wi-Fi to support 5G wireless network specifications. If you happen to read several Netgear R6300 review, you probably know that Netgear is not the first in this technology.

However, this wireless router surpassed the performance or its predecessor. This product has overcome the speed issues of its predecessor with its 2 USB ports within the router itself.

This wireless router has a computer software interface with easy to read and use controls, which includes network mapping, guest access, targeted traffic meter, parental controls, etc.

Netgear R6300 Specs and Design

This wireless router has angular corners and attached to its base at about 45-degree angle. This bizarre design of R6300 resembles a digital photo frame.

The side panel is mounted with on/off button and 1 USB port. The second USB port is located on the back panel. Also, the back panel comprises the WAN port, power button, and the 4 Gigabit LAN ports.

The base of the router is rugged with rubber footing to keep it in place. It supports up to 450 Mbps for 2.4 GHz band and supports up to 300 Mbps for 5 GHz band.

It is recommended that this router must be used with 3×3 wireless adapters that are stream capable at the same time. Additionally, Netgear R6300 features 128 MB RAM, internal radio amplifiers, and a 128 flash memory. This router also runs extremely quiet and stays cool even when used uptime. {1}

Additional Netgear R6300 Features

This is the very first 802.11ac router created by Netgear. As you read different Netgear R6300 review, you will see that this router is packed with features that other wireless routers cannot offer.

The R6300 delivers data up to 1.3 Gbps on the 5GHz band. However, you will need to use an 802.11 ac client before you can get this from R6300. Additionally, this wireless router can be used to set up a media bridge.

This makes it possible for you to add up to 4 Ethernet-ready devices on your 802.11ac wireless network.

The R6300 also supports Wireless-N clients, offering a 3 stream Wireless-N with up to 450Mbps data rates. Like other 802.11ac routers, the R6300 from Netgear is a dual-band router offering up to 450Mbps on a 2,4GHz frequency band.

People that will get the Netgear R6300 router can get all of their existing wireless clients supported. You can work on the way you had been working as long as your wireless clients support WPA encryptions or greater.

Additionally, the R6300 comes with features that support previous Netgear routers like the network storage through USB drive, Netgear Genie, and the OpenDNS-based parental controls.

Finally, the Netgear R6300 is highly affordable. Cost is highly competitive and it comes with free shipping offer. Who will not love that? If offers you great savings in time and money.